Our Cleaning Services in Paramus

If you’re looking for Paramus cleaning services; Meticulous Cleaning has what you need. We are the premier cleaning company in the New Jersey area that caters to all your needs and can meet your expectations when hosting an event, cleaning a business, taking care of industrial machinery, and more.

Our Paramus cleaning company¬†started in 2006. Owner and operator, Zerlinda Rodriguez has made it possible to afford cleaning of all types. We’re committed to excellence and want you to experience our top rated house cleaning service. We have the equipment and use state-of-the-art technology top achieve it.

Residential Cleaning

residential-cleaning-paramusHiring our residential cleaners is not like having a live in maid. It’s more along the lines of having someone to do the work that you do not have the time to do and do it an afford ably. We are professional, efficient, and honest.

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Commercial Cleaning

commercial-cleaning-paramusIt doesn’t matter if you’re running a restaurant or have a small jewelry store; you should have clean floors, windows that people can see into, and bathrooms that can be used without the fear of catching something. Our commercial cleaning service can help.

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Industrial Cleaning

industrial-cleaning-paramusIt’s important to hire someone that has the time, patience and expertise to make your power plant, industry, or factory a success. All of these places have specific needs. Our industrial cleaning service can make a difference between a plant that operates well and one that doesn’t.

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Post-Construction Cleaning

paramus-post-construction-cleaningAt Meticulous Cleaning,have customized solutions that are specifically geared towards your needs. If you are planning a remodel, call us for help as we can take care of theParamus post-construction cleaning part of it.

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Special Event Cleaning

special-event-cleaning-paramusSpills and accidents happen when you least expect them. Which is why we’ll be there to take care of them for you. We offer a hands on approach to cleaning that most others do not. Things such as the garbage piling up can ultimately ruin your event or even become a physical hazard, so hire our special event cleaning service today.

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You will be amazed at the outcome of your event, home setting, factory or business when you come to Meticulous Cleaning for Paramus cleaning services. We aim to please and are geared to offer you the highest quality of cleaning manageable. Let us take care of your every (cleaning) need.

If you are looking for professional cleaning services in Paramus please call 201-389-3393 or complete our online request form.