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Prospect Park, NJ

You don’t have to bear the burden of cleaning your house alone. Meticulous Cleaning can take that load off your shoulders. Busy households make big messes. If you are tired of cleaning up after everyone, why not call us instead? We won’t tell anyone it was us who made your home look so amazing (wink!).

Meticulous Cleaning has been cleaning homes and businesses in Prospect Park and nearby areas since 2006. We love to clean and love to do a good job. Check out our services and call with questions.

Looking For A House Cleaning Service In Prospect Park?

What type of house cleaning do you need help with? Do you just need a regular light cleaning or do you need a deep clean? Our services are very flexible. You can choose from all types of services. We can come once to clean your Prospect Park house or regularly, it’s no problem.

Ask us about extra services if you need them such as stripping and waxing floors, cleaning windows and glass, or remodeling cleanup.

Need Commercial Cleaning Service In Prospect Park?

Every business needs to keep a good image. Keeping the building clean and bathrooms sanitized ensures your business meets customer expectations. Meticulous Cleaning offers commercial cleaning for all types of businesses in the area.

We understand that cleaning can’t be skimped on, so we make sure our employees practice the right procedures. We provide comprehensive training for employees. We also make sure they have all tools and equipment needed to get the cleaning done correctly and efficiently.

Post Construction Cleaning For Prospect Park

Construction dust covers everything including furnishings, glass, video equipment, and other things. It has to be carefully removed without scratching surfaces. Even when things are covered up for protection, the drywall dust seems to find a way in.

Some construction projects are quite extensive. A lot of debris has to be hauled away. Get the help you need by calling the number below today.

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Prospect Park, NJ

If you’re looking for a cleaning company in Prospect Park, call Meticulous Cleaning at 888-979-9625, or fill out our online request form.